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We are what we make out of ourself. Our mind, our actions creates the life that's ment for us. Choose your path wisely. Money isn't necessarily the key to happiness, but the state of a mind can be.

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Kategori: The Au-pair part of my life

Aidan "Denise look! I'm standing on one foot!"

Denise "Someone needs to wash his mouth and go to bed early today I think"
Aidan "I'm not tired"
(30 minuter senare)
Aidan "Zzzzzz"

Wendy "Blow out the candle"
Patrick "Okay" (blåser)
Wendy "Aw I missed! We have to light them again"

Wendy "If you don't want what's inside, I'll have it!"
Patrick "?"

Cody, Wendy, Aidan and Shannon


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